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Anti Slip Rubber Sheet production process and type introduction

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Update time : 2019-10-10 13:10:33

  First of all, we need to know that the anti-slip rubber sheet is also called anti-slip rubber mat, Anti-slip Round Button Rubber Sheet, suitable for hotels, hotels, stadiums, conference halls, gyms, kitchens, warehouses, toilets, etc. Fitness, beauty and protection.

  The Anti Slip Rubber Sheet requires a careful process in the production process. The quality of the rubber sheet is guaranteed only after a specific vulcanization procedure. Vulcanization, as one of the main processes in the processing of rubber products, under the condition of heating or irradiation, the raw rubber in the rubber compound reacts with the vulcanizer to crosslink the macromolecule of the linear structure into a three-dimensional network structure. The macromolecules, which lead to a significant improvement in the physical and mechanical properties of the compound and other properties, this process is called vulcanization. Modern technology is constantly evolving and changing, and chemical technology is also showing new features. The vulcanization process is processed and manufactured on the basis of chemical reactions, and it plays an increasingly important role in the industrial and mining industry. Vulcanizers and high temperatures are no longer necessary for vulcanization. Some compounds can be vulcanized at lower temperatures or even at room temperature. Some compounds can be crosslinked by physical methods such as gamma rays. A curing agent is required. This generally occurs between the fine particle filler and the rubber which are highly reinforcing.

 Anti Slip Rubber Sheet

Anti-slip Round Button Rubber Sheet

  Rubber sheets are often seen. They are widely used and have a long service life. They have been well received and recognized by people. Rubber sheets can be divided into different types according to different classification methods. I will introduce them to you below.

  1. According to whether the medium is sandwiched, it can be divided into pure rubber sheet and cloth, metal frame rubber sheet and other varieties.

  2. According to the purpose, it can be divided into Industry Rubber Sheet and the rubber floor.

  3. According to physical and chemical properties, it can be divided into rubber sheet, patch rubber sheet, insulating rubber sheet, oil-resistant rubber sheet, acid, and alkali resistant rubber sheet, stripe non-slip rubber sheet, square non-slip rubber sheet, round buckle anti-slip Rubber sheet, asbestos rubber sheet, oil-resistant asbestos rubber sheet.

  4. According to the color and surface treatment, it can be divided into: black rubber board, green rubber board (commonly known as green screen rubber board), red rubber board, white rubber board, yellow rubber board, blue rubber board, gray rubber board, cloth pattern Rubber sheet, extra wide rubber sheet.

  In the industrial industry, rubber sheets are mainly used for anti-corrosion, wear-resistance and impact-resistant protection of their types of equipment and devices. For example, rubber sheets used in thermal power plant desulfurization systems and water treatment anti-corrosion are mainly used for anti-corrosion, while rubber sheets in mining are mainly wear-resistant. Impact-resistant protection of its equipment and related piping equipment can extend the use of its equipment.

  Non-slip rubber sheet space

  Widely used in substations, power plants, power distribution rooms, laboratory roommates and outdoor live working. Store in a dry and ventilated environment, away from heat sources, and leave the ground and walls more than 20cm. Protect from acid and alkali and oil, and do not open the air to prevent direct sunlight. The non-slip insulation pad has shockproof, non-slip, anti-collision and beautiful functions.

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