Silicone,Viton,ESD,Insulation,Natural,Fire Resistance Rubber Sheet
Silicone,Viton,ESD,Insulation,Natural,Fire Resistance Rubber Sheet
Silicone,Viton,ESD,Insulation,Natural,Fire Resistance Rubber Sheet

silicone rubber sheet displays excellent resistance to heat, weathering, ozone and a wide range of chemicals. It is impervious to UV lighting,  non-toxic, chemically inert. It can be used in a wide temperature range from -60 to 300 Centigrade with industrial applications include food / pharmacy processing, refrigeration, furnaces, lighting, solar panel laminating, engineering machinery, medical /electrical /electronic device, and heat press machine.

Viton Rubber Sheet is made with high performance, genuine dupont polymer. It has outstanding resistance for high exposure applications. Resistant to many chemicals, acids, oils and petroleum products. Performs well at high temperatures which are often not achievable by other Rubber sheet products.

Anti-static rubber sheet (pad), also called anti-static pad, insulating rubber sheet, mainly made with conducting electrostatic materials, static dissipative material and synthetic rubber, etc. Products generally have two layer structure, surface layer is static dissipative layer, and the underlying is for conductive layer. Anti-static mat's service time is long, and has the very good acid proof, alkali proof,prevent chemical flux characteristics, and wear resistant, It's also easy to clean.

insulation rubber sheet, Performance: Work in the conductive surroundings, the maximum insulation voltage can reach 100000V, with anti-slip features.
Feature: Physical and mechanical performance is good,with excellent insulation properties.

Natural Rubber Sheet,This material has excellent physical properties so is ideal for using as a seal in boats port 
lights, hatches and doors. It has excellent abrasion resistance, so makes an ideal liner for shot blast 
cabinets and material chutes. It is not resistant to oils. Hardness ranges from 40° to 70°
A food quality grade is available for marine fresh water tank seals.

Fire Resistance Rubber Sheet, It has high oxygen index and the performance of inflaming retarding,which can be applied to the fireproof sites, refrigerator and air conditioner.
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