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Overview of Rubber Shock Pads

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Update time : 2020-06-18 16:44:42
The most important feature of a rubber anti-vibration pad is that it uses a butyl rubber. The molecular structure is mainly a cis structure, so it has excellent elasticity, crack resistance, and dynamic performance, which ensures the anti-vibration function of the rubber mat and the life of the rubber pad. Its hardness is about 55. But the airtightness of butyl rubber is the best among all rubbers, and it is also its biggest advantage. Therefore, it is mainly used in tire inner tubes. Although it also has a shock absorption effect, the dynamic deflection is not ideal. The rubber shockproof pad has good resilience. Although it is slower than natural rubber, butadiene rubber and isoprene rubber, its aging resistance, corrosion resistance, chemical resistance, and high-pressure steam resistance are dominant, so EPDM is better for a comprehensive comparison. In the past, shock-absorbing rubber used NR as the sole compound. In recent years, IIR, EPDM, NBR, and CR have also been used to meet the increasing requirements of automotive heat resistance and oil resistance, and even microporous PU elastomers and TPE thermoplastic elastomers have appeared. In addition, in accordance with the requirements of automobiles, in order to achieve the goal of lightweight, plastics instead of metals have been used to manufacture so-called rubber-plastic shock-absorbing rubber products. The Shore Hardness of ethylene-propylene rubber vulcanizates can be approximately between 25-95A.
Advantages and disadvantages of the rubber shock pad
Advantages: 1. Shockproof rubber pad hole-shaped design, strong permeability, easy to drain. Keep the ground clean and dry to prevent the first-line workers from falling, and truly protect the safety of workers. 2. Shockproof rubber pad, rubber shockproof pad, and shockproof rubber pad are made of imported high-quality rubber materials. They are durable and have a long service life. They can be used outdoors in the sun and in damp and dark environments. 3. Anti-vibration rubber pad, anti-vibration rubber pad, anti-vibration rubber pad anti-fatigue, and noise reduction function It is especially suitable for long-term standing frontline workers and service industry personnel, which can effectively reduce the fatigue of personnel and reduce the pressure on the legs and shoulders. 4. Anti-vibration rubber pad, rubber anti-vibration pad, and anti-vibration rubber pad are light in weight. The general pads are under 10 kg, which is convenient for cleaning and handling. Disadvantages: not resistant to weather and oil (vegetable oil resistant).
Shockproof rubber creep phenomenon
The anti-vibration rubber has a creep phenomenon, which tends to be stable after 14 days, so the machine tool is required to adjust the level again after 14 days of use. When a certain tension is maintained, the deformation of the rubber changes with time. After a period of time, the tension is released, and the recovery of the rubber cannot be completed. There will be some residual deformation. This is the creep characteristic of rubber. Any material has certain creep characteristics, but whether it is obvious. Or can it be shown on the time scale of observation? For example, some small-molecule solid materials such as glass, steel, or stone require creep to be observed on a very long time scale. The unvulcanized rubber will appear on a relatively short time scale. Plastic is between rubber and small molecular solid materials.
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