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What Is Sponge Rubber?

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Update time : 2020-06-10 10:56:16
Sponge rubber is a porous elastomer material, also commonly known as foam rubber, polymer rubber, or microcellular rubber. It is a general term for various rubbers with a cell structure. ASTM D1055 and ASTM D1056 define and classify latex sponges and dry glue sponges, respectively, and formulate methods for measuring conventional physical properties. The standard defines that the holes of such porous materials should be throughout the entire material. The standard definition of this kind of porous material hole should be in material as a whole, according to the pore structure, can be divided into three types: obturator pores (which are not interlinked with each other), open pores (which are not completely separated from each other by the pore wall and have a certain degree of coherence) and mixed pores (which have both open pores and obturator species structure). Accordingly, the microporous rubber mainly includes expansive rubber and sponge rubber. Our company provides natural gum rubber.
Due to different usage habits, the meaning of "sponge rubber" in the domestic scientific and technological literature does not distinguish between the opening and closing mechanism of the cell. There are many varieties of sponge rubber, and there are various classification methods: 1. Classification of cell structure: closed-cell microcellular rubber and open-cell microcellular rubber; 2. Foaming rate classification: low foaming (apparent density ≥0.5g/cm2 ) And high foaming (apparent density <0.5g/cm2); 3. Rubber matrix classification: NR rubber, SBR rubber, DPDM rubber, NBR rubber, silicone rubber sponge, rubber combined sponge, rubber and plastic combined sponge, etc.; 4. Performance And performance classification: soft sponge, hard sponge, micro-bubble sponge, conductive sponge, magnetic sponge, water-expandable sponge, composite sponge, etc. Compared with solid rubber, sponge rubber has many special and valuable properties due to its structural peculiarities, such as (1), low apparent density, and lightweight; (2), rich in Elasticity and flexibility, with excellent sealing effects such as dustproof and waterproof gas; (3), improved thermal insulation performance, with lower thermal conductivity; (4), improved ability to absorb impact loads, with excellent cushioning Shock absorption performance; (5), improve the sound insulation and sound absorption effect; (6), improve the touch and improve comfort; (7), the physical properties vary widely, change the apparent density or cell structure to obtain the corresponding performance of sponge rubber. Therefore, sponge rubber products are widely used in many aspects such as sealing, shock absorption, heat insulation, sound insulation, printing and dyeing, and even ion exchange. They are widely used in the aviation, automobile, instrument, instrument, home appliance, and packaging industries. Its shape is a plate, strip, tube, roller, washer, etc., with many specifications and different shapes. Different conditions of use require different eyelet structures and aperture sizes. For this reason, it is required to make corresponding adjustments in formula design and processing technology to achieve corresponding performance.
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